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The points of TCP retransmission you must know (1)

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TCP retransmission is a mechanism to ensure the data integrity and completeness especially in the bad network environment.


Binary Exponential backoff:

A simple example of TCP’s timeout and retransmission mechanism. The first retransmit occurs at time 42.954, followed by other retransmissions at times 43.374, 44.215, 45.895, and 49.255. The intervals between successive retransmissions are 206ms, 420ms, 841ms, 1.68s, and 3.36s, respectively. These times represent a doubling of the timeout between successive retransmissions of the same segment. This doubling of time between successive retransmissions is called a “binary exponential backoff”, If we measure the elapsed time between the initial request and the time at which the connection is finally aborted, the total time is about 15.5 minutes. After that, we will get the error message.

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